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What do we do?

We are a group that is dedicated to supporting and empowering people with disabilities.

Our Team

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Julio Arze

Executive Director - Institutional Communication

The founder of Tukuy Pacha, Julio Arze has a degree in Social Communication from the Bolivian Catholic University of Cochabamba with a minor in communication for development. He also has a postgraduate degree in graphic design from the TRACOR school in Santiago, Chile and a diploma in Community-Based Rehabilitation.

Currently he works on the strategic direction of Tukuy Pacha and their communication. The obstacles of the NGO´s regarding growth and sustainability are challenging, and are worked on as a team with input from all of its professionals.

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Juan Carlos Quiroga Bazoalto

Administration - Accountant

Another founder of Tukuy Pacha, Juan Carlos Quiroga Bazoalto has a degree in Public Auditing from the University of San Simón in Cochabamba. Since, he has used his degree to accomplish development work in the Tropic of Cochabamba, with his knowledge of public management and management of municipal resources.

In 2010 he has started work on social projects and with international cooperation, manages resources from a social perspective. Today he collaborates with others on projects in rural municipalities of Cochabamba; not only managing financial resources, but also proposing budgets to develop new initiatives.

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Lilak Colque Arenas

Political Incident Response

Lilak Colque Arenas is a lawyer with her degree from the Universidad Autónoma Tomás Frías in the City of Potosí. She has a postgraduate degree in Human Rights, and this knowledge that has helped her to develop extensively her work in the strengthening of social organizations.

Today she works with Tukuy Pacha to strengthen political advocacy of the organization through national authorities by expanding on or adding disability into their action plans.

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Paola Villarroel Coca

Leader of Health Team - Supervisor of Tiquipaya and Colcapirhua municipalities

Paola Villarroel Coca is a physiotherapist who received her degree from the Central University of Cochabamba, a leading institution in training professionals in this area. Her professional preference always leaned towards working for society and working with the people.

At Tukuy Pacha, she has the task of strengthening Community-Based Rehabilitation in the municipalities in which we work, and working with families and people with disabilities to help them improve their quality of live.

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Roberto Zambonardi

Project Coordinator from the Don Carlos Gnocchi Foundation

Roberto Zambonardi has a degree in Development and Communication Psychology, and has worked to collaborate with organizations in Latin America on different international projects since 2013. Since October 2016 he has coordinated the activities of the Don Carlos Gnocchi Foundation in Bolivia.

The Don Carlos Gnocchi Foundation develops projects around the world focused on combating inequalities that fall under the category of the right to health, and promotes rehabilitation as an instrument of training and community inclusion. Since 2013, the Foundation has been collaborating with Tukuy Pacha to carry out projects for people with disabilities and supports Tukuy Pacha in its organizational strengthening and strategic planning.

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Jasel . Ramírez


Jasel Ramírez received her training in psychology at the University of San Simon in Cochabamba. She is experienced in defending the rights of children and adolescents in various municipalities on a national level.

In Tukuy Pacha she is responsible for delivering psychological support for people with disabilities and their families in the process of familial and community inclusion. She intervenes with families when they require more attention in maintaining the wellbeing of their relative with a disability.

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Juan Carlos Borda

Physical Therapist- Supervisor of Valle Alto

Juan Carlos Borda is certified in physical therapy and Kinesiology from the University of San Simon in Cochabamba.

His principal job at Tukuy Pacha is organizing and supervising home-visits with the people with disabilities we serve in Valle Alto´s Punata and San Benito. Furthermore, Juan Carlos supervises the work of five promotores that perform follow up visits on designated cases.

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Lucía Torres Morón

Physical Therapist- Supervisor of the South Zone

Lucía Torres is trained in physical therapy and Kinesiology from Central University in Cochabamba.

Her primary job at Tukuy Pacha is organizing and supervising home-visits with people with disabilities who we serve in the South Zone - District 9 - of Cochabamba. Further, Lucía supervises the work of five promotores that perform follow-up visits on designated cases.


Actualmente estamos trabajando con quince promotores RBC en los municipios de Tiquipaya, Colcapirhua, Punata, San Benito y Zona Sud de Cochabamba (Distrito 9). Su labor es esencial para hacer un seguimiento a las personas con discapacidad que estamos ayudando y para movilizar los recursos que existen en la comunidad para mejorar las condiciones de vida de grupos vulnerables. Su trabajo tambien se desarrolla con las familias de las personas con discapacidad, capacitandolas y buscando su apoyo para que se identifiquen con la inclusion social de las personas con discapacidad.

Our Team