What Do We Do?

We are a group that is dedicated to supporting and empowering people with disabilities.



Executive Director 

Trained as a physiotherapist-kinesiologist, he has postgraduate degrees and experience in the management of Inclusive Development and Community-Based Rehabilitation projects. His job is to direct Tukuy Pacha towards the achievement of its institutional strategic goals.


Administration – Accountant
Graduated from the Universidad Mayor de San Simón. She has vast experience in the administration of social projects, in addition to a deep knowledge of the reality of the most disadvantaged sectors of society. She currently leads the administration of Tukuy Pacha resources in the three projects that we currently execute in five municipalities of Cochabamba, Bolivia.


Political Incident Response
Lilak Colque Arenas is a lawyer with her degree from the Universidad Autónoma Tomás Frías in the City of Potosí. She has a postgraduate degree in Human Rights, and this knowledge that has helped her to develop extensively her work in the strengthening of social organizations.

Today she works with Tukuy Pacha to strengthen political advocacy of the organization through national authorities by expanding on or adding disability into their action plans.


Leader of Health Team
Paola Villarroel Coca is a physiotherapist who received her degree from the Central University of Cochabamba, a leading institution in training professionals in this area. Her professional preference always leaned towards working for society and working with the people.

At Tukuy Pacha, she has the task of strengthening Community-Based Rehabilitation in the municipalities in which we work, and working with families and people with disabilities to help them improve their quality of live.


Project Coordinator from the Don Carlos Gnocchi Foundation
Roberto Zambonardi has a degree in Development and Communication Psychology, and has worked to collaborate with organizations in Latin America on different international projects since 2013. Since October 2016 he has coordinated the activities of the Don Carlos Gnocchi Foundation in Bolivia.

The Don Carlos Gnocchi Foundation develops projects around the world focused on combating inequalities that fall under the category of the right to health, and promotes rehabilitation as an instrument of training and community inclusion. Since 2013, the Foundation has been collaborating with Tukuy Pacha to carry out projects for people with disabilities and supports Tukuy Pacha in its organizational strengthening and strategic planning.



Trained as a psychologist, she has extensive experience in the public sector and social projects. Her work is to promote inclusive processes and provide individual and family psychological support to people with disabilities and their families, with an emphasis on early childhood.



Psychologist with experience in labour inclusion and Bolivian Sign Language. Her work is to promote vocational guidance and family strengthening for young people and adults with disabilities.


We currently have three RBC promoters in the municipalities of Tiquipaya, Vinto, Punata, Arani and Zona Sud de Cochabamba (District 9). They carry out work together with people with disabilities and their families, through home actions and mobilizing community actors and resources, promoting their full participation and inclusion.
A Tukuy Pacha community promoter working with a child and his mother in a home session