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In this section, you can learn more about the people who work directly with Tukuy Pacha.


In this section you can learn more about the people with whom we work directly.


UMADIS Representative from San Benito

“How long have you worked with UMADIS and why did you start this work?”

“As a representative in 2011, so I’ve been working 5 years. I started by entering through merits, because I have always been a leader, since 2006 I have fought for people, for the unity of this municipality.”

“What do you think is the most challenging part of your job?”

“As a civil servant, of course, everything is a challenge because sometimes those in power treat you poorly, even if you try harder they are not convinced, and I have always tried my hardest to show them my work.”

“What is your favorite part of your job?”

“Every part is my favorite, everything is good with the workers, they have to serve the people with quality and warmth, and that is my job.”

“When did you begin working with Tukuy Pacha”

“In 2013 we were working with Tukuy Pacha, thanks always to Tukuy Pacha who has created solidarity within this municipality between humble people, in terms of technical support and training, everything, we are forever grateful.”

Mrs. Gladis Saavedra is the representative from UMADIS in the municipality Colcapirhua. She has worked dedicatedly in the capacity for more than five years with a great understanding of the reality of people with disabilities in her community.

With the help of Tukuy Pacha since 2013, Mrs. Saavedra believes that the organization has allowed the following:

  • Train medical personnel about disabilities
  • Identify people with disabilities, strengthening their database
  • Deliver medical assistance to low-income people with disabilities
  • Strengthen the community of people with disabilities

Finally, Gladis mentioned that the work with Tukuy Pacha has been great and she has many expectations for the project in Colcapirhua, as well as the 4 other municipalities in Cochabamba, which will be financed by Agenzia Italiana Per La Cooperazione Allo Sviluppo, under the ministry of foreign relations in Italy.


Responsable UMADIS de Colcapirhua