Be A Volunteer

We work with volunteers from all over the world. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us.


Many different Bolivian students help us with our work at Tukuy Pacha. If you are interested in being notified about volunteer opportunities, please email us at:


Institutional Communications Practitioner
David has vast experience in audiovisual production and he supported the development of the institutional communication of Tukuy Pacaha. He helped with Audiovisual production, image registration, the management of social networks, and with updating the Tukuy Pacha website.


Graphic Design Volunteer
Denis Rocha carried out his academic qualification process for graphic design at Tukuy Pacha in 2017. He worked to improve the logo and isotype of the organization and designed a brand manual as well as a graphic line manual. Thanks to this work, Dennis currently holds a Bachelor´s degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad Mayor de San Simon in Cochabamba Bolivia.


National Volunteer 201
Diego currently holds a degree in Communications Sciences from the Bolivian Catholic University of Cochabamba and has a Master´s Degree in Business Communication from Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona as well as a Post-Degree in Communication Organization. He completed his guided practices by supporting the management of Tukuy Pacha´s institutional communication in 2014.


Our international volunteers come from all over the world to help us with physiotherapy, communication, workshops and more. We have friendships and an international community because of these volunteers.

Tukuy Pacha currently works with the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), which is an institution that manages volunteers from Universities in the United States. Each year, we host three volunteers who primarily come from Northwestern University and the University of San Francisco. In addition to these students, we have also welcomed European volunteers from Holland and Poland.

If you are interested in receiving notifications about volunteer opportunities, please send us an email at:


FSD Volunteer 2019 – Northwestern Universidad
Currently Tamara is a student at Northwestern and is starting her second year in September. She is studying social policy, international studies, and Portuguese with an interest in global development. With Tukuy Pacha, she is creating educational materials for beneficiaries and promotores as well as enhancing its website. Tamara is grateful for this opportunity and excited to leave a lasting impact.


FSD Volunteer 2019 – Northwestern University
Adia is a student at Northwestern studying psychology. At Tukuy Pacha, she is working to help develop educational materials for the beneficiaries as well as helping translate the website. She is also working with the volunteers to aid in their field work as well as any work they would be doing with technology. She is excited to be working in Cochabamba this summer building these connections with the organization.


FSD Volunteer 2019 – Northwestern Universidad
Kaitlyn is entering her Senior year at Northwestern University. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Environmental Policy; Culture and Spanish. During her time Tukuy Pacha, she is working to enhance the Tukuy Pacha website, creating educational materials for the beneficiaries, and helping the volunteers to work more efficiently with the organization. She is excited for the opportunity to use her psychology and spanish degrees to help improve the functioning of the organization and create connections with people en Cochabamba.


FSD Volunteer 2018 – Northwestern University
Dayanara is a volunteer who was connected to us through FSD. She is a double degree student in Psychology and Psychology and Human Development Services at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. She is a responsible person, who is efficient and able to adapt to many different situations. These skills allowed him to develop and work well at Tukuy Pacha, where he worked to produce educational materials in 2018.


FSD Volunteer 2018 – Northwestern University
Rocio is originally from Chicago, Illinois and was connected with Tukuy Pacha via FSD – Bolivia. She is pursuing a double major in Sociology and Human Development and Psychological Services at Northwestern University. She worked at Tukuy Pacha during the summer of 2018 to support the Political Advocacy Manager at Tukuy Pacha, Lilak Colque. She supported the improvement of the Tukuy Pacha website and the creation of complementary materials to assist in the home visits.


FSD Volunteer 2018 – Northwestern University
Audrey Valbuena is a student at Northwestern University studying Journalism and International Relations with a minor in Graphic Design. At Tukuy Pacha, She supported the improvement of the website by helping to redesign it, helped create an institutional presence for Tukuy Pacah, and designed a guide for technical aids for the promotores and the families. Additionally, she conducted interviews of community members in the municipales to learn more about their experiences. She was very excited to get to know Cochabamba and the Tukuy Pacha team during the summer of 2018.


FSD Volunteer 2018 – Northwestern University
Riley was studying the health, he is a very sociable person who is passionate about connecting with different cultures in addition to being a leader. During 2018, he used his skills at Tukuy Pacha to simultaneously manage several different projects.


Beyond South America Volunteer 2018 – Physiotherapist
My name is Lars van Kester, and I am a physiotherapist from the Netherlands. I have my physical OSS degree from Hogeschool Rotterdam. While in Cochabamba, I used my physical therapy knowledge to work for Tukuy Pacha. I was one of nine physiotherapy promoters, and we worked to strengthen Paola´s work in addition to introducing new exercises to the patients.


FSD Volunteer 2017 – Northwestern University
Stephanie Marin is a graduate of Northwestern University in Evanston. Illinois, USA, where she majored in Spanish language and culture with a minor in Latin America and the Caribbean. Stephanie has experience working in the human rights field after interning with the National Immigrant Justice Center. Her educational thesis focused on the literary representation of exploitation by transnational companies and industries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Stephanie used her passion of human rights to support Tukuy Pacha in creating legal educational materials.


FSD Volunteer 2017 – Northwestern University
Esai Orozco and graduated from Northwestern University in 2017 with a major in Biology and a minor in Neurology. He supported Tukuy Pacha in the summer of 2017 in the area of physiotherapy by creating informational flyers on the most common disabilities identified in the municipalities we work in. This material included information on symptoms and treatments for people with disabilities.


FSD Volunteer 2017 – Northwestern University
Brandon Arias studied Statistics and Sociology at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. In the summer of 2017, I worked with the Executive Director on the development of statistical reports and to strengthen Tukuy Pacha´s presence on social media networks like Twitter and Global Giving as well as worked on the creation of an institutional triptych. the ultimate goal of his work was to increase the level of visibility and accessibility to information about disabilities.


FDS Volunteer 2017 – University of San Francisco
Diego Jones is an International studies student at the University of San Francisco.At Tukuy Pacha, his work focused on updating the website and creating promotional and educational videos.He assisted Tukuy Pacha´s team with visiting people with disabilities in different communities around Cochabamba as well as worked with social organizations in communities around Cochabamba.


FSD Volunteer 2016
Molly helped Tukuy Pacha;navigate a very rigorous selection process to become part of the Global Giving network in 2016. Today, Tukuy Pacha continues to work with Global Giving, and our third project is currently active through this virtual fundraising platform. In addition, Molly had important contact with communities in the municipales that Tukuy Pacha works with.


Voluntario de FSD 2016 – Universidad de Notre Dame
Sonia started a music therapy component for the organization, buying instruments and applying the technique with the patients

She worked with the head of tukuy Pacha´s health department, Paola Villarroel physiotherapist, who is now able to able to give suggestions to her patients for how to use these strategies independently and make their therapy practices more interesting.